7 'Real Housewives' Selfies That Are Just Plain Embarrassing (PHOTOS)

melissa gorgaThere's just something inherently funny about selfies. Sure, a person may look great in the photo they just took of themselves, but ... they just took a photo of themselves. And that's kinda weird.

Alas, selfies are the cherry on top of the narcissistic sundae we now call society. And nobody knows more about narcissism than Real Housewives.

Check out 7 of the most hilarious Real Housewives selfies. We love you ladies, but ... seriously?

Image via Melissa Gorga/Instagram

  • Melissa Gorga


    Melissa Gorga/Instagram


    Melissa's a lovely lady who can rock a smokey eye like no other, but quack, quack! Duckface alert!

  • Kim Zolciak


    Kim Zolciak/Instagram


    Oh, pardon me while I just look wistfully out the window. I'm pondering life. And showing off my headband and good angle.

  • Brandi Glanville


    Brandi Glanville/Twitter


    I'm sorry. Am I the only person who thinks the pouty, finger-in-the-mouth thing is weird when your flesh is burned off?

  • Giggy


    Lisa Vanderpump/Instagram


    Giggy, you're just embarrassing yourself here. This is vanity at its finest, and you know it. I mean, who wears a tux when they're just lounging around their house?

  • Ramona Singer


    Ramona Singer/Instagram


    We get it. Ramona Singer looks good without makeup. But despite the fact that Ramona is pushing 60 and looks 12, we're all set on the #nomakeup, cellophane-in-hair photos, thanks.

  • Kandi Burruss


    Kandi Burruss/Instagram

    Kandi looks adorable in this pic, and she's definitely one of the more normal Housewives. But I'll never understand the feeling of driving along and suddenly thinking: "You know what this moment is missing? A photo of myself!"

  • Danielle Staub


    Danielle Staub/Twitter


    So much is wrong with this photo. The angle. The face. The fact that a grown woman looks like she's making a sexual advance at an electronic device. Oh, Danielle. You crazy.

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