Christina Hendricks Talks 'Mad Men' Season 7 & the Possibility of Season 8

mad men joanWhen Mad Men premiered, it seemed apparent that creator Matthew Weiner wanted to begin and end his story of Don Draper & Co. in the '60s. Still, we fans have looked for clues and remained hopeful that perhaps the show could go beyond 1969. Or at the very least, maybe Weiner could do something like split the final year of the turbulent decade into two seasons -- like what happened with the final installments of Twilight and Harry Potter -- so that we could enjoy both a season 7 and season 8? Hell, whatever it takes to get more Don on our DVRs, right?

But while no one has said season 7 -- currently in the works -- is definitely, finally the last season, it sounds like it probably is. And no one affiliated with the show is willing to fully own up to it just yet. At least that's what it sounds like judging from what Christina Hendricks recently shared with Access Hollywood ...


The hosts prodded her to say whether or not there would be a season 8, joking about how it probably would boil down to everyone asking for money, in an annoying nod to what happened in the contract negotiations that dragged on and on between season 4 and 5. And Christina explained:

I’m always throwing that out there, I want to do this job forever and ever and ever. But, I sadly believe that this is going to be our last season. ... I think Matthew Weiner, our creator, has a very specific story that he wants to tell. Knowing that you have an end, you can write up to that point, so it’s not left open-ended and I think it deserves a nice tie-up.

Sounds like she's referencing what Weiner himself has noted about how he's always known exactly how he wanted to end the series. I'd venture to guess that he always had a certain time span in mind, too. And that he's attached to the idea that it's a show that takes place in a very particular era, and taking the story into 1970 would mean going beyond that time. I also get the feeling he knows that he can only take his "specific story that he wants to tell" one more season.

Need further proof? He already began sounding a bit exasperated and tuckered out from the process and response to the show in the middle of season 6.

That said, I'm more and more doubtful that we'll see a season 8. But I guess that means we'll just have to savor the anticipation and airing of season 7 even more.

What are your thoughts on the possibilities of an eighth season?


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