Kanye West Can't Sell His Gorgeous House Even Though He Is a 'God' (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Aug 15, 2013 Celebrities

Kanye West's home

Right now, it seems like Kanye West has everything he could ever want. He was in love with Kim Kardashian, rapped about it in a song, and now the two lovebirds are getting married and have a beautiful baby girl. The guy wanted to be an all-star clothing designer, and now he's making trips to and from Europe navigating the biz. Turns out, though, that he even has some stuff he doesn't want. You know, like an extra mansion in Hollywood.

The rapper put his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad on the market back in March for $3.3 million, and a cool six months later, the home still hasn't sold. So what's a megastar to do? Drop the price ... to $2.8 million. Sorry, Kanye. Sounds like even with your name attached, Yeezy (or would you rather I call you "God"?), no one wants to buy a home that's crazy overpriced. Although I'll admit it looks pretty sweet, minus some of that weird artwork.

Check out Kanye West's bachelor pad, here:

What do you think, would you buy Kanye's home?


Images via PJayOfficial/Flickr, realtor.com

  • Bathroom


    Image via realtor.com


    Not a bad view to look out on while you're in the tub, eh?


  • Kitchen


    Image via realtor.com


    Well hello, perfect chandelier.

  • Bedroom


    Image via realtor.com


    Is that some sort of streaming rock fountain in front of the bed? I mean, don't get me wrong -- I absolutely adore the bed and that couch in front of the window is adorable. But if that's a fountain, that's ... random.

  • Closet


    Image via realtor.com


    Now THAT is the kind of walk-in closet that dreams are made of. I mean hello, when a person can lay down and nap in their closet -- they've totally made it.


  • Den


    Image via realtor.com

    I could get cozy in here. Does the house come with that throw blanket?

  • The View


    Image via realtor.com


    Hello, Hollywood! I think I know a few people who wouldn't mind checking out this view on a regular basis.


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