New Cory Monteith Photo From Final Movie Is Incredibly Painful to See

cory MonteithIt's been a month since the horrifying news of Cory Monteith's death shook the entertainment world. As his apartment is being cleaned out and his Glee costars are doing everything they can to move on from the tragic loss, the world is getting a new look at the late actor in one of his last movie roles. Yup, a new photo of Cory Monteith playing a drug addict in his last film, McCanick (set to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival September 9), has just been released.

In it, Cory looks almost unrecognizable. Wearing a hoodie and brown jacket, Monteith's long hair and rugged appearance are anything but what Glee fans are used to. It's chilling, haunting even. And it most certainly made me stop and think: I really wish this wasn't the last project Cory ever worked on.

Take a look at Cory's photo from McCanick, here:


Cory Monteith in McCanick

I guess in the scheme of things, an on-screen drug addict could look a lot worse. But at the same time, considering drugs were involved in the cause of Monteith's death, it just feels awkward. It makes me wish we didn't have to see him tapping into a past that haunted him. For all we know, maybe it was drudging up some of those old memories for his role in McCanick that got him back involved with that dangerous lifestyle in the first place.

I for one am interested to see McCanick. I just wish we got to see Cory branch outside of Finn more often before we lost him.

What do you think of this new photo?


Images via greginhollywood/Flickr, Bleiberg Entertainment

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