Prince William Admits Being a New Dad Is the Hardest Thing He’s Ever Done

royal familyFresh from his exciting Daddy's night out, Prince William made an appearance at the Anglesey Show, a county fair in Wales. And naturally, everyone wanted to hear from him about how it's going with the new Royal BayBay. It sounds like he's barely surviving? I'm kidding. Of course they're all hanging in there. But Prince William admits caring for newborn George is one of the hardest things he's ever done.


"I have to say that I thought Search and Rescue duties over Snowdonia were physically and mentally demanding, but looking after a 3-week-old baby is up there!" William said. He also described Prince George as "pretty loud" but "very good looking" and "lovely." While there have been a "few sleepless nights" (like all of them?), the "new addition [is] sleeping much better now." This was Prince William's first official royal engagement since becoming a father.

Aww, that all sounds so typical, doesn't it? Nothing unique or unusual about this new daddy's experience -- er, except for the being royal part, of course. Sleepless nights, check. Loud crying, check. Cuteness, check. Huh, it's kind of weird that William describes his baby as "lovely" and "good looking," but maybe that's a royal guy thing.

Of course, we could take that "sleeping much better now" line and run with it. I could fabricate some sort of rumor that George suffers from colic and is making the entire household suffer. But I wouldn't wish that hell on anyone. Let's hope Georgie is colic-free and everyone really is starting to get some sleep.

How long do you think before we'll finally see Prince George again?


Image via Splash News

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