Kim Kardashian's Baby Weight Battle Just Got a Lot Easier Thanks to Kanye West

Kim Kanye WestSure, Kanye West can be a bit frightening with all of this lashing out at paparazzi business, but the man's proving to be a stellar dad to little baby North and, more importantly, an excellent partner (and, cough, husband-to-be) to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. There have been loads of reports that Kim's worried about losing the baby weight as of, like, yesterday. Lucky for her, she's with a man who thinks she's beautiful just the way she is. Yeah, get this: a source tells Hollywood Life that Yeezy loves Kim's curves and is most definitely NOT pushing her to exercise. In other words: Kanye's doing whatever he can not to stress Kim out about the extra weight.

Now that's the kind of man that I wouldn't mind having around. Kanye's relaxed attitude about Kim's baby weight takes a whole LOT of pressure off. I mean, come on, who doesn't wanna look good for their man -- amiright?!


Losing weight is hard as it is. However, the last thing a woman needs is to be in the kind of relationship where they feel constant pressure from the person they're interested in to look perfect. A supportive significant other is so so crucial when you're at a low-point with your self esteem and body image. Their love, support, and patience can literally make ALL the difference in your mentality.

Sure, if you're attached, a supportive husband or boyfriend is essential to dropping pounds and staying healthy. However, there are other things that help too.

Incorporating constant activity: I'm not saying you should be going out and running eight miles every morning. I am, however, saying don't be afraid to walk the extra five blocks to the farther subway station or take the stairs instead of the escalator at your local shopping mall. Believe me, those extra steps and effort will add up over time.

Keeping things in perspective: The most important thing is that, no matter your weight, you're healthy. Sometimes being healthy doesn't mean being stick-thin. Think about your lifestyle and what works for you, and understand that a size 2 doesn't mean success.

Setting realistic goals: Instead of saying "I want to lose 50 pounds," set smaller, more realistic milestones. After each small milestone, give yourself a reward. For example: Your first goal could be running a full mile without stopping. When you accomplish it, reward yourself with a new workout tank or fun pair of shorts.

Do you have a significant other who is really supportive of your weight loss efforts? What helps you stay on track?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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