Gia Allemand Still in Critical Condition as Rumors & 'Updates' on Her Tragic Situation Fly

Gia AllemandBachelor and Bachelor Pad star Gia Allemand was hospitalized last night in critical condition. Though she is still alive today, sources say the next 48 hours are critical for the star who has a yet-unidentified medical condition. She is now on life support.

We know very little at this time. Her family may be making a statement later today and we do know that she is with her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, and her mother. Someone claiming to be her cousin tweeted that she had died, but no one has confirmed it and we are praying it's just a vicious rumor.

Her friend Melinda Farina, who has been keeping people updated via Twitter, said:


We are keeping our best friend in our prayers and just want everyone to spread positive energy and love out for our girl. Any further updates should come directly from her family. She has them by her side along w her boyfriend, childhood best friend, and pastor.

It's unclear whether doctors even know what happened to her. Speculation has run the gamut from a bad reaction to a drug to something completely random and unable to predict. Some on Twitter are hypothesizing a drug overdose, but to anyone's knowledge, the 29-year-old model and reality star didn't have any obvious health issues. Others are suggesting she may have had an adverse reaction to medication or even an allergy attack. What we do know is that it's dire.

All of Bachelor nation has been pulling together and tweeting their love. As crazy as the show can be, it does seem like those who have been on it form a family of some kind. No one could have seen this coming, though.

Mostly, it seems like people are just confused. What could have caused this vibrant, healthy young woman to suddenly fall so desperately ill. It sounds like there are no guarantees right now. All we can do is hope that she gets better and these rumors stop and the truth comes out.

What do you think could cause something like this?


Image via ABC

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