Jenelle Evans’ War With '16 & Pregnant' Addict Is a Sign She Needs Some Real Friends

Danielle CunninghamMTV star Danielle Cunningham is at it again with her once co-star on 16 & Pregnant, Jenelle Evans. You may recall that Evans, who went on to do Teen Mom 2, was in a Twitter war with Cunningham last month after Cunningham, once a heroin addict, spent a drunken night on Twitter and Evans mocked her. Well, now, it's Cunningham's turn to mock.

Evans recently failed a drug test and ended up back in prison for a night. Cunningham wasted no time tweeting out her disdain. She said:


You are a drug addict in denial. Get help. Actual help. Not go to rehab and find a new guy to do drugs with. Lmao.

Yeah, right. It's hilarious. Actually there is nothing funny at all about Jenelle whose problems extend way, way, WAY beyond humor and Twitter stunts.

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Jenelle may very well need a friend to talk some tough love to her. She IS an addict. It's true. But Cunningham isn't being a friend. She is being a jerk. She is loving watching Evans flail about and fall apart.

Evans may deserve this. She acted badly toward Cunningham who has her own many problems. Even so, it's immature and it's cruel. Clearly Jenelle's behavior has been influenced by the amount of drugs she has done and keeps doing. It's not that she isn't responsible. She is. But she needs a friend.

This isn't child's play. This isn't some petty excuse for a middle school scuffle. This is real. Both of these girls have behaved badly, but like I always say to my kids, it doesn't matter who started it. If you choose to finish it, you are just as guilty.

Grow up, Danielle. Take care of your own life and two kids. Jenelle needs friends, not petty squabbles.

Do you think Danielle is being unfair to Jenelle?

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