Jennifer Aniston in Hot Water Because Newly Renovated Mansion Leaked After Party

Jennifer AnistonUgh. Jennifer Aniston is being sued by a contractor who claims she still owes him $40,000 for a deck that was added onto her Bel Air mansion. J.R. Darnall Associates, Inc. built the deck for a big party Jen was having back in March, and after the shindig went down, she reported a leak in the deck.

And now the company is claiming that she had the thing ripped off her house before they could send an inspector out to assess the damage. So Jen magically owes them all that money. (Hmm. Something sounds fishy here.)

Even though she's a huge celebrity and has plenty of cash to shell out for home improvement projects, Jen's little ordeal just serves as one more reminder that doing renovations to your house can be a real pain in the neck.


Honestly, in some cases, it's probably easier to just pick up and move to a house that has everything you want instead of trying to transform the one you already live in. Besides the hassle of having construction workers coming in and out and making a mess in addition to tons of unpleasant noise -- you never know who you are going to wind up dealing with, or if the project is going to come out exactly the way you'd hoped.

Lucky for Jen, it sounds like she did wind up getting yet another deck installed, which I guess we can assume she's happy with -- though it may wind up costing her an extra $40,000 she probably didn't add into the budget. Oh yeah, that's right -- the word "budget" probably isn't in her vocabulary at all so she likely won't even bat an eyelash if she loses the suit.

(Sometimes it really does pay to be a celeb.)

Have you had any headaches with home renovations?


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