Robert Pattinson Finally Figures Out Why Kristen Stewart Cheated on Him

robert pattinsonWHY. Why did Kristen Stewart do it? Her boyfriend was the most desirable man in the world (among girls ages 10-16) and yet she threw it all away with a careless fling with Rupert Sanders. Welp, Robert Pattinson has given this haunting question a lot of thought, and he's decided her cheating had nothing to do with him. It's not because he wasn't enough for Kristen, or even because she didn't love him. It was because KStew had intimacy issues.

A friend of Rob's told Hollywood Life, "Rob is well aware of why Kristen cheated on him. He understands that it wasn’t because of a lack of love. It was more so a fear of intimacy on Kristen’s part. Everyone takes on different experiences from their upbringings." Rob's talkative pal is referring to Kristen's parents, who split up shortly after Kristen's affair was exposed.


Sure, that's as good an explanation as any other. I mean, fear of intimacy is one of those catch-all maladies people use to explain all kinds of relationship failings. It works because it doesn't cast either party as the bad guy, exactly, and you come out looking generous and understanding. I like it! So yeah, it's not Kristen's fault, it's because her upbringing gave her intimacy issues. Why, she's practically a victim herself.

I'll allow it. But I methinks Rob is over-thinking it a bit. There's a much simpler explanation here: Kristen is immature. She was just a 22-year-old at the time. Now I know some people are married with two children and have the wisdom of a Tibetan nun at 22. But most 22-year-olds I've encountered (including the one I was) are still in that embryonic experimental stage of adulthood. Kristen's myelin sheath is still not covering all her nerve cells, which means she is still not quite capable of executing the complex brain processes necessary to make important decisions, like whether or not to have a fling with your married, much-older director. I'm just saying.

Maybe Kristen just needs to do some growing up and wasn't mature enough for a committed relationship. So she needed to do a little experimenting and exploration. So that wrecked her relationship. That's life. Shrug. Maybe date someone a little older next time, Rob.

Why do you think Kristen cheated on Rob? (Don't be boring and say because she's slut.)


Image via Pacific Coast News

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