Kristen Stewart's Bra-Flashing Is Starting to Seem Desperate

Kristen StewartBy now it's clear that when it comes to Kristen Stewart's style, there are two things the lady cannot do without: Her scowl and her bra. KStew just LOVES to show off her bra. It can be black. It can be white. But the bra must be out tonight (or today). For our favorite bra-packin' gal was photographed YET AGAIN with her bra hanging out in public. Kristen was spotted headed into her neighborhood eatery flashing her dog and her bra. Wow, that's some eatery that lets you bring in your pooch and have your bra hanging out! (But she is so sweet with her dog.)


Girlfriend was wearing a black T-shirt with wide-cut arm holes that clearly showed her black bra underneath. It definitely wasn't a bikini top. It was a BRA.

So this makes the fourth time in recent history that KStew was photographed with her bra as the main attraction. The other times, she wore a see-through white shirt that clearly showed her bra. So she's at least mixing it up with the black shirt -- but still. I'm kind of baffled by this look?

I'm not saying she doesn't look good. Kristen has a nice, slim, toned body and she'd look good in just about anything. And her boobs aren't ginormous, so she can get away with the bra look without seeming too trashy.

I'm just not sure I get it? Why?

Is this her "I'm a liberated woman now" (i.e., single) look? Her "F- you, Rob" look? Her "If Madonna could do it 20 years ago, so can I" look? Her "I'm too lazy to care to cover up my bra" look?

This isn't something that's just happening by accident. Once maybe. But not four times.

Is this the style in Los Angeles? Could be. I live in the fashion capital of the country, if not the world, and I don't see that look here on the streets of New York City. Last I went to L.A., I didn't see this style. Maybe she is trying to start it?

Perhaps it will catch on. I do have shirts I've been avoiding wearing because my bra peeks out of them. Maybe I can use them now! Thanks, KStew!

Do you like this bra hanging out look? Would you try it?

Image via Splash News

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