Kate Middleton's Baby Inspires Accessories You'd Actually Want to Wear (PHOTOS)

kate middleton prince william prince georgeRemember back when Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged, and we couldn't get away from infomercials for "commemorative" fake, sapphire engagement rings? Then, they actually went and tied the knot, and suddenly, you could get china, toasting flutes, and even a replica of Duchess Catherine's trend-setting, long-sleeved wedding gown to mark the happy occasion. Ack! I know there are people who LOVE the British monarchy, but was anyone actually spending their hard-earned dollars on most of that stuff?

Well, now that Prince George has arrived, surprise, surprise -- there's MORE memorabilia! But this time, it's not cringe-worthy at all. Jewelry designer Claudia Bradby has created two commemorative pieces -- a silver necklace with a pearl acorn charm, as well as a silver bracelet with royal-themed charms -- to honor the royal baby, and they're actually really pretty!

Check 'em out ...


claudia bradby jewelry kate middleton

claudia bradby jewelry kate middleton necklace

Bradby drew her inspiration from the Middleton crest -- which features three acorns to represent their three children: Kate, Pippa, and James. The designer explained to People:

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow -- that's the saying and the sentiment behind it. Plus, it has some relevance to them as a couple because the inspiration for the design was drawn from her own family crest.

Love it!

Maybe one of the reasons Bradby was able to hit out of the park on this is that she personally collaborated with Kate in 2007 on a line of jewelry for Junior Jigsaw. (At the time, the future Duchess worked as the accessories buyer for the fashion label.) Bradby describes Kate as "warm, charming, and intelligent." Aww, how sweet.

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Plus, I would think the fact that Bradby and the Duchess made that personal connection adds some cache to the jewelry, right? It's not like it's some random designer trying to cash in on the royal baby. This really is a tribute to the joyful occasion. And I'm sure that's something lots of Kate fans will be able to get behind!

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Images via Christopher Neve/Wikimedia & ClaudiaBradby.com

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