Britney Spears Is Filthy Rich But She Loves a Good Bargain

Britney Spears is one megarich lady. According to TMZ, she made $14 million last year. But Brit is cheap. Like cheaper than your great-grandma who can't forget the Depression cheap. Like cheaper than a hoarder who refuses to throw out her dirty Kleenex cheap. How do I know? There is hardcore documented legal proof that Brit shops at places like Pay 99 Cents or Less and 99 Cents Plus.

As for eating out, girlfriend don't need no Urasawa or Spago. She just fine with Subway, IHOP, In-and-Out Burger, and Domino's. Like I said, Brit be cheaper than one of those guys who juices electricity out of the public pole and manages to get one of those rabbit ears to pick up cable.


The breakdown of Brit's expenses is in documents filed that TMZ then got ahold of. It all has to do with the fact that while Brit seems totally normal and not cray anymore -- hey, who remembers that whole head shaving thing anyway? -- she's actually still under conservatorship headed up by her father.

The conservatorship contains $36.4 million, but that's just a drop in the bucket compared to what Brit actually makes and is worth. Brit might have more money than most hedge fund managers, but she spends like one of those old aunts who reuses her tea bags.

Britney certainly isn't the only cheap celebrity. Jennifer Lawrence brags about not owning a house and refusing to pay minibar prices in hotels. I heard JLaw balls up her Saran Wrap after taking it off a sandwich so she can use it again.

I happen to think it's awesome when rich people shop at bargain basement stores. It says they don't take for granted what they have. There are too many stories of millionaires going broke. You have to be wise no matter how much money you have. Maybe Bill Gates could never spend all of his money, but pretty much anyone else could.

On the other hand, it's not all junky household goods and gassy food for Brit -- she did spend $500 on a manicure. Which, unless you're getting solid gold nail polish, seems a bit extreme.

Still, for someone as loaded as Brit, that's a drop in the moola bucket. Brit's just like us! Only richer. And cheaper.

Why do you think rich people bargain hunt?


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