Kate Middleton Proves She Is a Goddess Among New Mothers

Kate MiddletonIt's been less than a month since Prince George was born, but already daddy Prince William is off partying! Hey, that's okay. He's probably had a few sleepless nights since July 22. He deserves a night out! He's a regular dude underneath the pomp and circumstance. Even more regular dude? Wills was apparently partying on a train.


A witness says:

I walked through the carriage on the way to the buffet car and spotted William with a bunch of chaps swigging beer like it was going out of fashion. The tables were covered with cans and miniature bottles of gin and one chap seemed to be wearing gold lamé shorts.

Gold lamé shorts? On a train? Hm. Maybe Boy George joined Prince George's dad on his night to get pissed? (Pissed = drunk in London speak.)

Anyway, Kate Middleton was awfully nice to stay home and take care of Georgie whilst Wills gets to go out and paint the town, eh? How many wives are cool with their man going out with da boyz less than a month after a birth? Hey, at least the guys want to get out. Trying to get my female friends out after a birth? Sheesh. You have to wait at least a year.

However, royalty is not like you and me. I'm sure Kate is sitting in the palace with George, breastfeeding and reading him Epicurus while a live string quartet plays Allegri, but -- how do I break this to you? -- she's got help. Yes, lots and lots of help. Kate may not have hired her ideal nanny yet -- but she's got plenty of unideal nannies making first-time parenthood a lot easier than it is for us non-royals.

But still. Mighty cool, Duchess. Mighty cool. Or, as you Brits might say, brilliant.

When did dad first go out and play after baby was born?

Image via Splash News

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