Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried's Big Move Isn't Enough to Convince Us They'll Last

chris des going away party bacheloretteBachelorette Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried may have gotten engaged in Antigua and gone on national TV to declare their undying love (in rhyming poetry, no less!) last week, but plenty of fans still aren't sold on the couple making it long-term. When Des said she was moving to Seattle to be with Chris the weekend following After the Final Rose, she very well could have been just telling Chris Harrison what she thought he wanted to hear ... But now we've got actual, social media PROOF that the couple has made their way up to the Emerald City -- together.

Anyone who even dabbles in stalking the pair on Twitter and Instagram may have noticed that late last week, Des posted a photo collage from what appears to be a going away party in California. That was followed up by pics from the road from Chris and Des, along with mushy-gushy, excited tweets, like ...


Desiree wrote, "On the road again! ;) @ChrisRSiegfried  #newchapter #roadtrips #mylove #goodbyeCali #helloSeattle," later commenting, "Always hard to say goodbye..but hello to my new chapter with @chrisrsiegfried." Upon arriving, she shared, "Home. Sweet. Home. #Seattle."

So many updates about the trip! It's almost as if they feel like they have something to prove, eh? 

It's not like it's beneath ABC to prod these two to update their Instagram and Twitter accounts with info about the big move to keep viewers engaged. Chris, who mistakenly kept mentioning himself in his own tweets, openly admitted to a follower that he isn't very well-versed (no pun intended) with Twitter ... Why would he suddenly start tweeting so much? Just because he's The Bachelorette winner? Because he's got so much love for Des, he has to let the world know in 140-character bursts? Because he's gunning for a poetry book deal? (OMG. Save us.) Or maybe because it's all part of keeping up the ruse ...?!

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Even if there is no ruse, constantly narrating their move seems rather defensive. Like an attempt to prove that "rebound, "second choice," and "fake" are all completely ill-fitting adjectives for what they have.

To Des and Chris's credit, the most recent Bachelorette couple to call it quits, Emily and Jef, never moved in together. So if the possible future Siegfrieds really have their own Seattle love nest as they described to Chris Harrison, maybe it is all for real. But we'll have to wait 'til we see photographic Instagram proof before we'll even entertain that thought.

Wht do you make of all the tweets and Instagrams documenting Des and Chris's move? Do you believe they're really settling down into couple life in Seattle?


Image via Chris Siegfried/Instagram

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