Lindsay Lohan Should Hire Ben Affleck As Her Life Coach

ben affleckQuestion: Do Hollywood types get more mentors the more messed up they get? Cause Lindsay Lohan sure has her share of trusted advisers: Charlie Sheen, Oprah ... Ben Affleck? It's true: Apparently Mr. Garner paid LiLo a visit during her stay at Cliffside Malibu, presumably to pass on a few of the things he learned during his own stint in rehab for alcoholism (back in 2001. I forgot he ever went to rehab, personally!). According to "sources," Ben's wise words for LiLo included thoughts on "how talented she is and how she has the ability to turn things around," as well as "how supportive the entertainment community is for people who make a real effort to get better and stay clean." Also according to sources, the meeting "really touched" Lohan (not even gonna go there!).


So maybe you, like, me, are scratching your head at this news -- Ben Affleck and Lindsay Lohan?! The sh*t?! What the hell do THOSE two have in common?? (Besides the obvious drinking stuff.) But here's the thing -- I'm actually not scratching my head anymore, because I think I figured it out. Because Ben Affleck can offer Lindsay Lohan something Charlie & Oprah can't: The hope of a normal/super-successful future. Think about it -- as far as any of us can tell, Ben Affleck has the stereotypically perfect marriage/family, PLUS a respectable, Oscar-winning career. Sure, Charlie Sheen is the Comeback King (and has a crazier background than LiLo, impressively), and sure, Oprah is ... OPRAH, but neither one of them represents what Lindsay Lohan truly aspires to have: An average/exceptional existence.

Here's hoping she gets there someday!

Do you think Ben Affleck is sort of the perfect mentor for Lindsay Lohan?


Image via Erin/Flickr

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