Kate Middleton Picks Perfect Nanny, But She Might Not Want the Gig

kate middletonThey've avoided having help with Prince George for as long as they can, but there's going to come a point in which Prince William and Kate Middleton will need to enlist a nanny. Royals have sh*t to do. And when that time comes, they'd like Prince William's nanny from when he was just a lad. So much so that they've asked her to come out of retirement.


In my head, the way things went down was Will and Kate, clutching Baby Cambridge, walked up a long windy driveway, their heels clacking against the cobblestone, their nervous silence palpable. They got to a door with a rusty old doorknob. Knock, knock, knock. They looked at each other, hopefully. After some time, no one answered, so they turned to leave, but wait! The creaky door slowly opened, revealing an old woman who knowingly says, "I thought you'd never ask."

In reality, someone probably put a call into Jessie Webb, Will's former nanny, but, I like my version better.

Webb apparently was fired by Princess Diana after years of working for the royal family, but according to many sources, she was the one who protected Will and Harry most while their parents were going through their nasty divorce. The UK Mirror wrote: "When Wills was a vulnerable and bewildered boy witnessing screaming matches between Charles and Diana, Jessie often found herself scooping up the lad so he wouldn’t have to see his mother sob uncontrollably." Webb is described as being a tough woman from East London with a great sense of humor. Will, apparently, has always been a favorite of hers. The two have kept in touch over the years, and Webb even attended Will and Kate's wedding two years ago. 

Webb reportedly hasn't given the okay just yet. She's tempted, but isn't sure she wants to go back to working full-time. Hopefully, for Will and Kate's sake, she will. Because you really can't get a better recommendation than from Will himself. He has first-hand experience with her and knows exactly what kind of nanny she'll be. When you're a parent, that's priceless. It's essentially like having grandma watch the baby.

I'm sure there's a part of Kate Middleton that just wishes real grandma -- AKA her mom -- would watch her son all the time. But that's not very realistic for anyone, so hopefully Jessie Webb will be a good substitute.

What do you think of Will asking his old nanny to watch George?


Image via Carmen Rodriguez/Flickr

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