Teresa Giudice Is ‘Terrified’ of Jail -- So Will She Throw Joe Under the Bus?

teresa giudiceYou guys, Teresa Giudice is scared to go to jail. Actually, make that terrified. Teresa Giudice is terrified of going to jail. And from what I hear about prison, with good reason. It doesn't sound like a very pleasant place, and it's certainly a far cry from the malls and nail salons and fine Italian eateries of New Jersey.

According to Star magazine (I know), Teresa's so afraid of jail that she's willing to throw her husband under the bus to avoid it. The mag reports that Tre is ready to testify against Juicy Joe, and she's been telling people that, if it weren't for him, she would have never done anything bad in the first place.

That may be, but guess what? She did, so ...


There's no doubt in my mind that Joe was the "mastermind" behind this elaborate financial scam. Maybe Teresa didn't know exactly what was going on. But there's no way she knew nothing. And even if she didn't know, and then found out Joe was lying, does anyone really think she'd try to put a stop to it? Hell no! It doesn't get much more materialistic than Tre. She liked the lifestyle they had and she didn't want to lose it -- no matter the cost.

I don't think any of us are under the impression that Joe and Teresa have a rock solid marriage. In fact, their relationship seems pretty shitty. But to plan on totally throwing your partner under the bus like that? That's pretty cold. It would be horrible if both Joe and Teresa went to jail, for the sake of their kids, but I feel like if Teresa gets off scot-free, she'll learn absolutely nothing. And that's really not good for the kids.

Do you think Joe or Teresa will wind up going to jail?


Image via Teresa Giudice/Instagram

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