Amanda Bynes Is Crying -- But That’s Actually a Good Thing

Amanda Bynes is still in a psychiatric facility following an incident where she was caught lighting a fire in a stranger's driveway. Since then we've heard varying accounts about how she's doing: Some reports say her medications are really helping; others say that is premature. Her mother was just granted temporary conservatorship and she is obviously not ready to leave the facility, so it's hard to tell exactly how she's doing. But one bit of information that just came out sounds like she's improving, even though it's not something that, on the surface, would sound like an improvement. Reportedly, Amanda has been crying.


While this might sound like one of those Duh moments, like of course she's crying, she's in a mental health facility -- apparently those suffering from schizophrenia are often cut off from their emotions to the point where they don't cry. So crying is actually good news!

TMZ reports that Amanda began crying because she was "scared" over an upcoming court hearing. And while it's heartbreaking to think that she is crying and scared -- this is actually good news and viewed as an improvement.

But TMZ also reports that Amanda still thinks there isn't anything wrong with her -- which strikes me as a bad sign. Doctors apparently say, however, that she is able to form "clear thoughts." An insider told Fox411's Pop Tarts:

There are no drug problems involved, it’s all mental. She has deep anger and PTSD, which tripped a psychotic episode ... She is very ill, but manageable. Amanda genuinely wants to get better and has wanted to get better for some time.

Apparently the PTSD, which we normally associate with the trauma of war, was partly triggered by the trauma of Hollywood life! She also is reportedly not close with her parents and has deep resentment toward them.

Whether Amanda has schizophrenia or PTSD, it's still good that she's been in the hospital long enough to be closely monitored. Too many people who are in dire mental condition are not. Whether or not Amanda has a close relationship with her parents, she still needs their help to a certain extent. Maybe all of this will bring them closer.

Do you think Amanda is getting better?


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