Airmen Rock Out to Kanye West in Intense Military-Style Music Video (VIDEO)

Air force soldier

Military training is no joke. Intense weaponry, heavy machinery, uniforms that hardly breathe -- a day of training can really take a lot out of a military man. One group of Air Force Airmen recently went through combat survival training in New Mexico and decided to try and lighten the mood a bit by making a music video to Kanye West's "Jesus Walks."

Hello, good-looking Airmen! Of course, these guys are easy on the eyes, but this music video is definitely an intense inside look at what training's really like. Go on and watch their music video, featuring helicopters and artillery, to Kanye's hit song below.

Warning: the lyrics in this video are NOT the kind you want your kiddos to hear. Proceed with caution.


Yeah, I told you it was intense. Is it a little weird to see the kind of things these airmen have to deal with in training? Of course. But it's somewhat comforting to know that they're being tested to the best of their abilities. That, and it surely seems like they're trying to enjoy what they can when they can.

What do you think about the music video?


Image via Cisco099/YouTube

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