E.L. James Reveals Her Top Choice for Christian Grey (PHOTOS)

Kiri Blakeley | Aug 12, 2013 Celebrities

There is no doubt that the part of Christian Grey is one of the most hotly-anticipated since Rhett Butler. And everyone knows Ian Somerhalder will play Christian. Or Matt Bomer. Or Henry Cavill. Orrrr none of the above? Erstwhile Fifty Shades screenwriter contender Bret Easton Ellis (who lost out to Kelly Marcel) seems to have the inside track on E.L. James' number one pick. And he gave a major clue, saying:

I know who her number one choice for Christian Grey is ... She is never going to get him. He has dark hair. Of course, that's what she wants ... Okay, I can say this: Think of the most obvious, fitting choice. It's right in front of your face. I can't say anything.

Er, Bret, you just did say something! You said enough that now we can forget about Ian, etc., and take a look at some contenders we hadn't been thinking of. Someone E.L. "will never get." That means someone already super successful. That means it could be ...

  • Bradley Cooper


    Like most actors who would be too hot even for E.L. James, Bradley is too old for the role of Christian. But that would never stop Hollywood from casting a bankable actor. Bradley has got the sex appeal, the acting ability, and the smokin' bod.

  • Shia LaBeouf


    At 27, Shia is the right age for Christian. And while he might seem a bit "boyish" for the role, he's got a diabolical edge, and he's also A-OK with doing sex scenes. In fact, his next film is called Nymphomaniac!

  • Ben Affleck


    Again, Ben is too old for the role. But no one is going to turn down Ben if he wants it. As a recent Best Picture Oscar winner, there's little chance Ben would risk the respect he's worked so hard to get by doing an S&M movie. But you can tell by the gleam in his eye that Ben would do wonders with that role!

  • Jake Gyllenhaal


    Jake is still young enough that he could convincingly play the role. He also has tackled taboo love before, as a gay cowboy in love with Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. OMG, Heath would have been a great Christian too. But Jake? I'd probably go see the movie if he was wielding the whip.

  • Colin Farrell


    Colin has definitely still got a dangerous vibe going on, even if he's getting a little long in the tooth. That's one guy you'd totally believe was going to give you a nice beating.

  • Michael Fassbender


    If you saw Shame, you know Michael is perfect for this role. And he definitely wouldn't need a penis double.

  • Robert Pattinson


    "Think of the most obvious, fitting choice. It's right in front of your face." Umm, who else?

  • Johnny Depp


    Okay, definitely too old. But he's Johnny Depp! And Bret would be right, she would never get him.

  • Christian Bale


    His name is even Christian. Need I say more?

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