Robert Pattinson Flirting With Mystery Woman Breaks Kristen Stewart’s Heart All Over Again

robert pattinsonA few days ago, it was reported that Robert Pattinson's car was parked outside Kristen Stewart's house for two long, sensual hours. So, naturally, the world thought they were getting back together. Jay Carney touched upon it at a press conference, and The New York Times ran a front-page piece on the couple's possible reconciliation. But now it's being reported that, over the weekend, Rob was "flirting in the kitchen" at a party. Like, not with KStew. So, what the balls is going on?


The Twilight actor was at an after-party for the screening of the indie flick, It Felt Like Love, when a random person at the shindig tweeted: "I am at a house party in the Hollywood Hills. Robert Pattinson is flirting in the kitchen." The person didn't say who Rob was flirting with, but Kristen wasn't at the party, so clearly he was laying it on thick with another lady.

If Rob wants to flirt it up with young Hollywood types, he 100 percent should. He's hot; he's young; he's single. But I truly, for the life of me, can't figure out what was up at Kristen's house last week then. Kristen had to have been home, as the day Rob was there was one of two that she was in town from filming a movie. So, it's not like he was there to pick his stuff up and be on his way. It was a meeting. And a secretive one at that, being that no one saw him enter or exit the house -- just his car out front. There has to be something going on with them. There's no way they simply called it quits and went their separate ways. That's the antithesis of all things Robsten.

Maybe once Kristen gets wind of what Rob was up to at the party, they'll break things off for good. Hey, maybe Kristen will find out this way, from this here post! I mean, I'd feel bad if I played a part in their demise, but Kristen Stewart reading something I wrote? That would be pretty dang cool, guys. Pretty dang cool indeed.

Do you think Rob and Kristen broke up?


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