Justin Bieber Gets Naked for His Best Girl (Hint: It's Not Selena, Not Even Close)

Justin Bieber is very, very proud of his ass. We already know that because he constantly has his pants sagging down around said derriere. He's also proud of his chest. Because, you know, he hardly ever wears shirts anymore. But who knew he was so proud of the whole package that Justin would bare it all for one special lady -- who is NOT Selena Gomez. Aaaand he'd do it all while strumming on his instrument. His guitar, people. So who is this lucky gal who got to see the Biebs in all of his au naturel strumming glory? His grandmother.


Yes, pics surfaced of Bieber from last year standing naked as the day he was born, playing around with his long, hard instrument -- his guitar. And standing there right in front of him is ... grandma.

The family that gets naked together stays together, amiright?

A source tells TMZ that the photos were taken on Thanksgiving of last year, at grandmother's house in Toronto, Canada. Apparently the Biebs overslept, and when he awoke and heard everyone else in the family up and around, he decided he'd get up and about ... and then show it off to everyone.

He also was rumored to have sung a little impromptu song that went something like, "I love you grandmaaaaaa ... here's my weeeeeeiner ... in your faaaaaaace ... my naaaaaaked body ... let's go say graaaaaace ..."

Something like that.

Anyway, Bieber is apparently known as a prankster, and what could be funnier than Justin Bieber naked?

I'm sure grandma's seen it all before -- but probably not in, like, over a decade. Yeah, I doubt grandma wants to see her grown-up grandson in the buff. Call me a prude, but this is a bit inappropriate. Bieber seems like he's emotionally stunted and his brain stopped maturing somewhere around the 12-year-old mark. Not sure about the rest of him.

Also, who in this family is weird enough to take pics of this special moment and then sell them to the media??

No wonder Bieber has issues.

Do you ever go naked in front of grandma?

Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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