Melissa Gorga's Response to Cheating Allegations Couldn't Be More Convincing

melissa gorgaReal Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga was on Watch What Happens Live last night, and I'll give you one guess as to what she and Andy Cohen wound up conversing about. If you just thought to yourself "the energy investment," you are wrong, and it makes complete sense as to why you missed this show. You are a productive member of society. If you said "Teresa Giudice," like, duh, you're totally right.

But fascinatingly enough, that wasn't the most interesting thing that was brought up during the show. The energy investment was. Just kidding!


When asked about the Giudices' current legal troubles, Melissa declined to go into detail, but did say that she had her sister-in-law's back throughout the ordeal. "Yes, I've reached out and spoke to Teresa since. She knows I have her back. The kids are the number 1 priority and that's what Joe and I are always here for no matter what," Gorga diplomatically said.

But when the conversation dovetailed into "cheating allegation" territory -- as in Melissa cheating on Joe territory -- things got interesting. And not from an "Ooh, Melissa just revealed this huge bombshell" standpoint, from a "Wow, Melissa really couldn't be handling this better" standpoint. When grilled about the allegations that her ex-friend, Jan, is making, saying she was unfaithful to her husband, Joe, Melissa said: "It's amazing what people will do for attention. I refuse to give it attention because it's that ridiculous. It's one of those things that no one's buying it and no one believes it anyway. It's her attempt to come on and get attention."

Well-played, Gorga. Well-played indeed. If Melissa would have gotten herself worked up into a tizzy and started talking about how she and Joe are so in love and that would never, in a million years, happen, etc., that's when things would start looking a little suspicious. Like, wow, this woman is really going above and beyond to defend herself. But the fact that she's just all, "It ain't true, yo. This lady's cray" makes her side of the story totally believable.

Did Melissa really cheat on her husband? Who knows? But one thing's for sure, this story will die out in no time with an attitude like that. And, I mean, come on, guys, a woman pulling things out of her ass to get some time on a low-brow reality TV show? Totally plausible.

Do you think Melissa cheated on Joe?


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