Kevin Federline Marries Baby Mama in Quickie Wedding & Beats Britney Spears at Her Own Game

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince, Kevin Federline MarriesBritney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline tied the knot again Saturday night, marrying his longtime girlfriend Victoria Prince in a quickie Vegas wedding that came just a day after they got engaged.

The couple are parents to an almost 2-year-old daughter named Jordan Kay and have been dating since 2008.

Federline and Prince said their vows at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel penthouse. Baby Jordan was there, as were their families.

"It's about time Kevin got over Britney and went on with life," a source told Us Weekly. "Victoria is an awesome girl."

Federline's move is reminiscent of Spears' own Las Vegas wedding to childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander, which ended as quickly as it started. But you can't really compare K-Fed's marriage to that one. In that case, Brit was just hooking up with her old pal Alexander and the decision to walk down the aisle sounded pretty drunken ... er, impulsive. Sources at the time said the whole thing was just a joke gone too far.


The 35-year-old Federline surprised Prince with a proposal on Friday after getting her to Vegas with a story he made up. Good old K-Fed.

"Kevin told her he was going to Vegas for a job, but he surprised her by proposing and [then plans on] marrying her while they are there," an insider told Us Weekly. "Victoria really wanted this for a long time so she's gotta be blown away. She's proven herself with him from day one."

Prince, 30, is an ex-pro volleyball player who now works as a special ed teacher. And Federline, of course, is ex-Mr. Britney Spears -- a former backup dancer for the pop star who married her in 2004 after only a few months of dating and divorced her in 2006.

Federline has a long history of knocking women up and then leaving them. Just kidding! (Sort of.) But he does have four other children ranging in age from 6 to 11: two with Spears and two with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. He's obviously got the magic touch. Or something. In any case, none of his other kids were at the wedding last night.

All jokes aside, good for you, K-Fed. Congratulations, big guy. Let's hope this one sticks.

Are you surprised Kevin Federline got married again? Do you care?


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