'Sister Wives' Preview: Robyn Is Jealous Again -- But You'll Never Guess Why (VIDEO)

sister wivesIt's funny how the whole jealousy thing plays out on Sister Wives, isn't it? I mean, I think it's safe to say that the main reason any of us tunes into the show is an unshakeable sense of morbid curiosity: Will one of the wives have an envy-driven freakout this week?! Most of the time, sadly, the answer to this question is NO. But it looks like tonight's episode might be the exception ...


So we're all more than aware of the big tense raincloud that's been looming over the Brown bunch: Will the new houses be ready in time for Christmas?! Well, tonight Robyn finds out that her house is finally finished. YAY!! Robyn is SO happy. Things are PERFECT. Until that real estate agent lady informs the family that Christine's house is ready, too. 

And then somehow Robyn is all bummed and put out. Huh?! See, this is what I mean about the jealousy thing playing out in a funny way. Robyn's not jealous about her husband sleeping with 3 other women, but she IS jealous that one of those women's homes is complete on the same day as her own? I don't get it. Is attention more important to Robyn than anything else? Of course in the end Robyn realizes that supporting her Sister Wives is the whole point of, um, her life I guess, but still.

Are you surprised that Robyn was jealous about Christine's house?

Image via TLC


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