'True Blood' Preview: Alcide Is Back on the Prowl! (VIDEO)

alcideI know you're counting down the hours, Trubies, but before we get into talking about tonight's episode of True Blood -- the second to last!! -- "Life Matters," let's just real quick review the different types of True Blood fans out there. Okay? First you've got the Eric fans. Then you've got the Bill fans. Then you've got the Alcide fans. Also, you got yer Jason fans. And that's pretty much it. Sure, you've got your crossover groupies -- Eric/Bill, Eric/Jason, Alcide/Eric ... strangely, NEVER Bill/Alcide ... but, by and large, True Blood fans are divided by their taste in men. (I'm told there are like, 4 or 5 dudes who watch the show of their own volition, and they probably dig Jessica or Sookie but, come on! It's all about the hot male supes. And Jason. Who is not a supe. To a lesser degree, Sam. Oh wait, who is a supe.) 

SO. What does this have to do with tonight's episode of True Blood


Well, here's the thing. We have seen little to no direct Sookie/Alcide contact this season. But he show up to Terry's funeral all "smelling like a man" as Maxine Bellefleur's friend puts it, and ... look out! The sparks, they be flyin' all over the place! Just watch:

Whoooooeeeee! HOT! And that doesn't even begin to touch all the burnin' and blowin' stuff/people up that's gonna happen tonight! So, get ready, y'all!! 

Do you think Alcide and Sookie will ever hook up again?


Image via TrueBlood/YouTube

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