Amanda Bynes' Parents Granted Conservatorship Over Their Mentally Ill Daughter

Amanda Bynes blue wig, Amanda Bynes conservatorshipAmanda Bynes' parents have been granted temporary conservatorship over their troubled daughter and doctors got approved an emergency 30-day extension of Bynes' confinement in a psychiatric hospital, according to TMZ.

The doctors fought to have her stay prolonged because she is "gravely disabled as the result of a mental disorder." They said she was not well enough to attend the conservatorship hearing, and a judge agreed.

Bynes' parents won their fight Friday to control their daughter's medical treatment, finances, and other affairs for at least the next month. A judge will then re-evaluate the situation and determine whether or not to make it permanent. Richard and Lynn Bynes believe the former child actress suffers from schizophrenia and drug addiction.


Bynes, 27, has been in a very public and haunting downward spiral of disturbing behavior for months. The final straw came a few weeks ago when she set a stranger's lawn on fire after dousing it and her dog with gasoline. Her mom and dad intervened and put her in a mental hospital against her will, saying she posed a threat to herself and others.

Bynes has opposed both her confinement and the conservatorship, and the judge ordered her parents not to make any decisions without consulting her lawyer.

Her $4 million in savings has dwindled rapidly in recent months but it's not clear how she's spent all of it.

The star has reportedly been taking drugs for schizophrenia since she's been hospitalized, but doctors say she has a long uphill battle before she'll be well again.

Bynes has made headlines for several drunk driving arrests and a series of incidents involving bizarre, erratic behavior, including an apparent addiction to marijuana, alcohol, and plastic surgery. She's also said she has an eating disorder. She's taken to Twitter and other social media sites to insult a slew of celebrities and post photos of herself, some of them showing off her numerous cosmetic treatments and others taken in her underwear.

Bynes' situation is reminiscent of the struggles pop star Britney Spears went through. Spears' parents were also ultimately granted conservatorship over the singer until she was mentally stable enough to take care of herself again.

Let's hope this latest news means Bynes continues to get the care she needs to make a full recovery.

Do you think granting Bynes' parents conservatorship was the right decision?


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