Simon Cowell's Baby Mama Lauren Silverman Wasn't Hiding Her Affair From Her Husband

When a marriage breaks up because of an affair, there's a lot of he-said/she-said that goes on. And the Simon Cowell baby brouhaha is no different. So far we've heard sources tell us that Simon's baby mama, Lauren Silverman, was estranged from her husband, Andrew. We've also heard that wasn't true, and that Andrew had just upgraded her engagement ring when he found out about Simon. We've heard that Simon was blindsided by the baby and wants nothing to do with Lauren. We've also heard that he and Lauren are totally a couple. Sooooo ... who knows exactly what is going on here, but it sounds like a freaking MESS and yet another example of why it's best to divorce before beginning your next relationship! The latest gossip (coming, no doubt, from Lauren's camp) is that Andrew totally knew that Lauren and Simon had a "thing" and that the signs were there all along.


Friends of the couple told TMZ that all of the "signs" of an affair were right under Andrew's nose and that he "kinda knew" what was going on but chose to turn a blind eye. Their proof? Multiple sources told TMZ that Lauren and Simon would "spend hours on the phone talking" and that this was proof positive they were banging and that Andrew should have gotten a clue.

Andrew's camp says that, well, yeah, looking back, it was kind of obvs. But that hindsight is 20/20 and while he thought they were "flirting," he never suspected they were flirting horizontally. Andrew supposedly says there were plenty of "warning signs," but he couldn't imagine the truth.

In Andrew's defense, I hate it when people use the "you must have known" defense. That's expecting your partner to be psychic. I don't care what signals you think you're giving out to make everything obvious, it's not up to your partner to play detective and figure out you're cheating. It's up to you to come to your partner and say, "I'm sleeping with someone else" or "I want to be with someone else." Andrew and Lauren had been married almost 10 years -- it's natural to trust your spouse after that amount of time. And since Simon was a friend who had hung out with Andrew on many occasions, why would his mind leap from phone calls to affair?

My guess is that if he ever questioned Lauren about it, she probably gave some excuse. Maybe she said they were talking about business or starting a reality show or something. The onus isn't on a spouse to guess correctly when there's an affair. This isn't a quiz show.

On the other hand, I have the feeling Andrew did go into denial because it was to his own benefit to remain friends with Simon, who is rich and powerful. Andrew probably loved hanging with a celeb and telling people, "My wife was just on the phone with Simon Cowell last night ... "

That doesn't make him responsible for what happened. Does it make him a little obtuse? Yeah. But what person in love isn't a little obtuse occasionally?

Do you think he should have known? Have you ever been told you should have known?

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