'True Blood' Season 6: 5 Moments That Made Us Love Sarah Newlin (VIDEO)

sarah newlinOnce upon a time, I wanted Sarah Newlin dead. Does that sound harsh? Sorry, but it's true -- up until the past few episodes of True Blood, I was ready for Sarah (and her irritating ex-turned-vamp husband Steve) to meet their respective makers. And I bet you felt the exact same way! B*tch was gettin' on my last nerve. Except lately, Sarah Newlin is like THE best thing in Bon Temps. Who saw that one coming?! Sarah's sudden sass is a most welcome addition, especially since the TB writers, for some reason, seem to be snubbing the King and Queen of one-liners this season (Lafayette and Pam, of course). Anyway, whatever the reason for Sarah's badass character arc, we'll take it! According to showrunner Bill Buckner, there's more to come: "She won't stop," he says. Here are 5 moments that made us love Sarah Newlin in season 6:


1. Torturing Steve in the hamster wheel. "It is scientifically impossible for you to be this f*cking slow!" AHAHAHA!

2. Slaying Ms. Suzuki with a stiletto. "Thank you, Jesus!"

3. Throwing Jason to the vamps -- with a cut on his arm. Merciless! We love it! (But we still love Jason more!)

4. Pitting Eric against Pam. "Haven't you seen Gladiator? F*cking fight!" 

5. Seducing the Governor. "When a woman comes to you dressed in black lingerie, you unwrap her!" Damn straight.

Check out this preview vid for more Sarah Newlin-related clues -- is she the blonde at the end with a blade (or something) against her neck?! 

Uh-oh ... Sarah might not survive after all!

What was your favorite Sarah Newlin moment in True Blood season 6?

Image via HBO

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