Jenelle Evans Goes Where We Never Thought She’d Go

Jenelle EvansHold on to your hats, Teen Mom fans, because we've got some wild news for you. Jenelle Evans is making a change ... for the better! The often scandalous star of Teen Mom 2 is a college girl now!

And by that I mean the kind of girl who goes to college classes, not just the one who goes to college parties!


Jenelle signed herself up for classes at Miller Motte, a for-profit chain of technical schools based in the Southeast. The school offers short-term career training in everything from massage therapy to welding, but based on the surgical mask emoticon Jenelle added on Twitter, it's looking like she's eyeing their surgical technician program.

That's what she said she was most interested in doing with her life when The Stir interviewed her back in November, and it's a career that could give her the stability she needs to become a full-time mom to Jace.

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Of course, she's been down the college route before and not made it. So what's to say it will work this time?

Well, for starters, she's doing it for her, not because someone told her she has to. In fact, Jenelle says her mom, Barbara Evans, has told her to put off school ... and she's doing it anyway.

In a strange way, that might be what really makes college stick this time. Some people tend to do better at things when they're doing them to prove someone wrong, and considering the tumultuous relationship Jenelle and Barbara have had, that could be a major motivating factor for the Teen Mom.

Not to mention, she can't live off the MTV money forever!

Congratulations to Jenelle for making a smart choice. We look forward to seeing her graduate.

Do you think Jenelle will make a good surgical technician?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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