Kim Kardashian's Post-Baby Comeback May Be Even Bigger Than We Thought

kim kardashian keekAfter giving birth in June, Kim Kardashian has been in "hiding" longer than any of us probably ever anticipated. Sure, she made a quick guest appearance via video on Kris Jenner's show, and she posted a Keek, but she has yet to step out in a major way to make her big comeback. Now, the latest rumors have it that she's saving her post-baby debut for the red carpet at the MTV VMAs on August 25 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Kiiinda love it!

What better event could she come out for? It would actually be a very classy move ... Being that she'll be there in support of baby daddy Kanye West, who is performing that night, it'll be exactly the right mix of low-key and high-profile. The pressure isn't on her to do much other than show up and stun the crowd. She can wear something as casual or quirky as she wants, because it's MTV. Sounds perfect to me!

There's just one (supposed) problem ...


Apparently, Kim will have to run the plan by Kanye first, and he allegedly has issues with Kimmy appearing anywhere. Ugh.

Now, as annoying as that sounds, it is highly dubious, being that she's already appeared on her mom's show and Keek, so already I'm calling at least this portion of the report's bluff! Geeze, let's hope it's BS, because Kim shouldn't have to answer to ANYONE. I don't even like the idea that at nearly 33 years old, she has to run career moves by her momager! Let alone Kanye, who is known to be a total control freak. 

Thus, my fingers are crossed that she's got it in mind to show up on the VMAs red carpet. There's no better place for her to tell the world she's back in all her new mama glory. And hey, if Kanye gives her any grief, she can remind him she'd be in fab company ... Remember how Beyonce debuted her baby bump?!

Would you want to see Kim at the VMAs or do you think she should make her comeback in a different way?


Image via KimKardashian/Keek

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