Man Who Rescued Usher's Son Has World's Tackiest Mom

UsherThe story of Usher's 5-year-old son Usher Raymond V nearly drowning in a pool earlier this week has been kind of a rollercoaster to watch unfold. First there was the horrible news of the accident, which seemed particularly tragic since his stepson died just one year ago after being struck by a jet ski. Then there was the thankful announcement that the little boy had survived and was recovering, followed immediately by headlines that Usher's ex-wife had filed an emergency custody bid for her two sons, blaming Usher for putting the children at risk by using third-party caregivers.

It sounds like such an incredibly stressful time for the family, which is why it's beyond bizarre that the mother of one of the men who saved the boy's life is asking Usher to perform at her son's wedding next week. I mean, really?


Ben Crews is one of the two sound technicians who were at Usher's house installing some equipment at the time of the accident. When the little boy became trapped in a pool drain after trying to retrieve a toy, both men rushed to help when they heard a maid and the child's aunt screaming. Thankfully, they were able to pull him free, and technician Eugene Stachurski used CPR to revive him on the side of the pool.

Usher released a statement expressing his gratitude towards both men:

I am blessed and fortunate to say that my son Usher V is doing well and is recovering. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayers, love and support for my family's well-being. I would like to thank my Aunt Rena as well as the doctors and nurses who are working with us around the clock. I'd especially like to thank the two men who saved my son's life, Eugene Stachurski and Ben Crews. They are true heroes and I am deeply grateful to them.

You'd think Ben Crews' mom would simply be proud of her son's heroic deed and happy a 5-year-old's life was saved, right? But for whatever reason, when she was approached by TMZ recently, Leigh Crews said she thought it would be a "nice gesture" for Usher to sing at her son's wedding next week.

Maybe I should give her the benefit of the doubt -- maybe she just tossed that out as a joke, or maybe she was bursting with motherly pride and couldn't help mentioning that her son was about to get hitched. Maybe Usher thinks this sounds like a great idea and he'll show up next week and belt out "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" while the happy couple steps out onto the dance floor.

Personally, though, I think this woman showed extremely bad manners with the request. The poor kid is still in the ICU, isn't he? Meanwhile, his parents are embroiled in what's sure to be a downright nasty custody fight. I'm sure Usher is profoundly grateful for what those men did, but now is definitely not the time for relatives to be asking for return favors.

What do you think about this mom's stated desire for Usher to pay her son back by singing at his wedding?

Image via Usher

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