Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Reunion: We Have the Juicy Details!

robert pattinson and kristen stewartWell, it seriously looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren't over each other yet. There was some speculation that the Twilight couple might be trying to work things out because of a pic that was snapped of Rob's car parked outside Kristen's house, and now there's even more evidence to back that story up. 

According to Hollywood Life, a source says that Rob reached out to Kristen because he needed to pick up his stuff, but that he also wanted to see her!!! If this is true, it sounds like Rob might be trying to get back together with Kristen, and the insider says that Kristen might not be over him either.


He stopped by on the weekend and they both spent some time together, catching up. Kristen was really happy to see him, but I think in the end they were both sad because they still have feelings for each other. It’s not as simple as just getting back together. Seeing each other brought up a lot stuff for both of them. For now, work -- not rebuilding a relationship -- comes first. It’s sad.

Honestly, as much as I love Rob and Kristen together, this whole will-they-won't-they thing might not be worth the emotional pain. Breaking up with someone is hard to do, and it's even harder if you keep on holding on to the idea that you're going to get back together. All I'm saying is that if they are seriously considering rekindling their romance, there's a big chance there will be more heartache to come. And do they really want to have to go through that all over again?

But who knows? Kristen and Rob might realize deep down that they're meant for each other and will eventually be a couple again. I guess I'll just have to grab my bowl of popcorn and keep on watching their on-again, off-again relationship from the sidelines.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will actually get back together this time?

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