‘True Blood’s Bill vs. Eric: Their 6 Hottest Fights Before the Season 6 Finale Showdown (PHOTOS)

eric billYou could call them Blood Brothers. You could call them Immortal Enemies. Depending on the season, situation, and Sookie (who wants her this time??), True Blood's Eric Northman and Bill Compton are either fighting for the same cause -- or fighting against each other! Up until the whole Billith thing, every battle seemed pretty squarely stacked in Eric's favor: He's been around for a lot longer than Bill, after all, and, well ... ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. But now that Bill's got his sort of superpowers, we're not sure how the inevitable season 6 Finale Showdown is going to turn out! 

So as we gear up for The Big One, let's take a look back at some of Bill and Eric's bawdiest, bloodiest brawls to date!


Images via HBO

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