'DWTS' Season 17 Casting Rumors: Who Might Be In & Who’s Definitely Out?

DWTSSeason 17's cast of Dancing With the Stars is really anybody's guess at this point. We have all kinds of ideas about who may be on the show and who may not, but as of now, everything is a rumor. Nothing is confirmed. Somehow, this show always manages to keep such a tight lid on it all.

What we do know so far is that Paula Deen is more than likely out. The embattled southern chef was rumored to have been a top choice and certainly would have brought a whole lot of viewers to the ballroom, but Deen has reportedly turned them down, with a source saying, "The dance floor is not an appropriate forum for her."

Um, yeah right. We also know that another aging star has also turned them down. Who would that be?


Talk show personality and general sleaze bucket Geraldo Rivera said on August 5 that he'd been asked to compete. The aging "star" was already in the news for tweeting a photo of himself wearing just a towel (My eyes! My eyes!) but he said he turned them down, tweeting: 

Honored to be asked to do DWTS. It's a great show, enduring and energetic. Sorry Deena but can't for lots of reasons including a bad foot Thx.

Aww, too bad. But don't fret too much. Val Chmerkovskiy has some great ideas for who HE'D like to bring on. While they might seem a little over the top, they do kind of get the mind churning. 

He mentioned Beyonce, saying, "Clearly, Beyonce has great work ethic and that's what I'm looking for in a partner." He also mentioned (and brace yourself here) Oprah: "She'd be great and work extra hard to win."

Yes. Yes she would. Is it likely? No. But it would be incredible. And never say never. The cast will be announced in less than a month on September 4, 2013 during Good Morning America. If they get Oprah and Beyonce, I'll be ecstatic.

Who do you think will be on season 17?

Image via ABC

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