Prince William's Push Present for Kate Middleton Is Going to Blow Her Mind

giftAs a token of his appreciation for carrying the future King of England for nine months and then pushing him out of her royal lady parts, Prince William bought Kate Middleton a push present. A really good push present. A push present only a member of the royal family could really buy.


According to reports, the Duke has commissioned the Queen's jeweler to find a pink diamond to put in a brooch for the Duchess. A source said: "William has been giving this a lot of thought for a long time. He’s got lots of ideas from studying history of art at university and decided on a pink diamond as a centerpiece because it is pretty and feminine. It will be a thank you present to Kate."

Aw. I know some people are against them, but I personally think the notion of push presents is sweet. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, like a perfect pink diamond, but a little token of appreciation goes a long way for a new mama. After all, after giving birth, it's all about the baby, so it's nice to do a little something for the person who did all the work.

Although "push presents" sound like a relatively new thing, they've actually been in the royal family for generations. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a gold medallion and a gold "W" charm after she gave birth to Wills. I just don't think it was referred to as a push present then. And come to think of it, maybe that's why people find the idea so obnoxious -- because of the name. It does conjure a bit of a spoiled brat-esque image. Maybe we should start referring to them as "love tokens" instead? That seems a lot less controversial. So, guys, Prince William has gifted Kate Middleton with a love token. Isn't that sweet?

Did you get a push present?


Image via FutUndBeidl/Flickr

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