Robert Pattinson Actually Works Out, Like at a Gym and Everything

robert pattinsonWell looky here! It's a report of our friend Robert Pattinson working out. Perez Hilton says Rob was seen werking it at a Hollywood gym a couple days ago -- he's pictured here supposedly leaving the gym, though for all we know, he could be leaving the Cheesecake Factory. But you know what? Let's just go with gym because that's super. What better way to process your post-relationship angst (does he even have any left at this point?) than to exercise. It's an instant mood-booster with long-term benefits. Rob's getting harder, faster, better. Good for him. The world applauds him. W00t RPattz, w00t.

Wait -- Robert Pattinson works out?!?


This totally runs counter to my image of him. Robert Pattinson does NOT work out. Robert Pattinson smokes cigarettes and lounges in dark corners at bars. Robert Pattinson skulks around Los Feliz after the sun goes down with his sunglasses still on and buys potato chips for his all-night karaoke parties. Robert Pattinson will always be, to me, that wan, pale-faced vampire. And vampires don't exercise!

I just can't picture it. Rob on a treadmill. Rob lifting weights. Rob in Spandex pants. Rob breaking a sweat. Rob doing Zumba -- oh wait, no, that I can actually picture. Hold on, I'm going to spend the next five minutes imagining Robert Pattinson doing Zumba.

Okay, that was fun. The guy's got some moves! You should see him pop and shake. Seriously, though, this radically changes my perception of Rob, more than anything else he's ever done in his whole career. Do you think maybe he's trying to go after action hero roles? (Oh please, Twilight does NOT count as an action flick.) Because that would be a huge career move. I like the idea! I think he should give it a try. Oh, and Rob? I'll do Soul Cycle with you any time.

Are you surprised to see that Robert Pattinson goes to the gym?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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