Jenelle Evans' Taunting of Nathan Griffith's Ex Only Makes Her Look Bad

jenelle evans teen momJust when you thought Jenelle Evans' love life might be quieting down, and she was settling into her latest relationship with Nathan Griffith, the Teen Mom star had to turn up the drama. Where else but on Twitter, of course! For some reason, she felt the need to tweet to Nathan's ex, Allison Stevens, writing, "Thank god u r out of the picture, becuz we r getting engaged soon and having that little family u always wanted lmfao."

Wow ... First of all, hold up -- WHAT? They're getting engaged soon? Second, how cruel and unnecessary is it to go after her current BF's ex?! 


Allison and Nathan have a 2-year-old daughter named Emery together, but as she explained to, Allison “got involved with drugs and alcohol during a rough time” in her marriage to Nathan and no longer has custody of the little girl. She warned him, however, that she doesn't want Jenelle anywhere near their daughter. So that may explain why Jenelle's claws are out. Welcome to the 21st century of Jerry Springer, huh?

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Still, no matter how much animosity there is between these two, Jenelle's wrong to throw her relationship with Nathan and whatever future they see themselves having together in Allison's face. No good can come of attacking your current partner's ex. It just seems like a complete waste of energy, a total spewing of negativity that only serves to hurt all parties involved. Further, if you're confident enough in your relationship, there's absolutely no reason to attack the ex.

But Jenelle feeling insecure about a boyfriend and/or their toxic relationship and/or his volatile past is nothing new, right?

Have you ever felt compelled to go after your partner's ex?


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