Kim Kardashian Can't Freak Out About Losing Those Last Pregnancy Pounds

Kim KardashianI think the whole fuss about celebrities losing their baby weight and emerging like they didn't just give life two months prior is absurd. The pressure is just absolutely unreal, and the criticisms that come along with it? Forgettaboutit. Poor Kim Kardashian, for example. Momma to new baby North West probably has anxiety that's off the charts right about now.

An insider told Hollywood Life that at first, her pregnancy pounds melted off between working out and breastfeeding. Now, though, Kim's concerned about losing the remaining baby weight and has a "ways to go."

Can you blame her? Reportedly, Kim did gain 50 pounds or so with North. And besides, they say the last set of pregnancy pounds are the hardest to lose.


What's hard but important here is that Kim doesn't do anything irrational when it comes to dropping this last bit of weight. It's crucial that the new mom is in good health to nurse her little girl. If hardcore dieting and exercise leads to some sort of nutrient deficiency or exhaustion, that's not going to do her any favors keeping up with North on the regular. Definitely not.

Kim also needs to realize, like I mentioned before, that a LOT of new moms feel the same way that she reportedly does about those last pregnancy pounds. Losing this weight isn't easy. During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through TONS of changes and it's not easy to just bounce back in the blink of an eye. There are no exceptions to the laws of human nature, Kardashians included.

Despite the negative reports, I for one am looking forward to seeing Kim back in action whether or not she's lost all the weight. Rumor has it she'll be debuting her slimmed-down post-baby bod on Kris. Someone just better give all of us Dash enthusiasts a serious heads up.

Can you relate to Kim's difficulty losing the baby weight?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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