Jenelle Evans' Toxic Ex Kieffer Delp Is Making a Play to Get Her Back

jenelle evans kieffer delpJenelle Evans' love life has to be one of the most unpredictable and up and down of all the Teen Mom stars. We're never 100 percent sure that she's not going to end up back with an ex ... because it has certainly happened before! And for some reason, one of her most notorious exes Kieffer Delp seems to think he has the best chances of reuniting with Jenelle -- and has been boasting about it on Twitter. Ugh. 

Yesterday, Kieffer tweeted, "We all know she likes me still my dude she prolly on my news feed rite damn now." Then he went on to address Jenelle's current BF Nathan Griffith directly, telling him that he's sure "one day she will come back." Oooh-kaay ... Where the heck is this coming from?!


You have to wonder if maybe Jenelle dropped some sort of hint that she's still interested, but she flat-out replied:

Ur the ones that's still madly in love with me. Not the other way around. Move on.

Good for her! Sheesh, let's hope that's true! We ALL know she would be wise to keep the door shut on the toxic relationship that got her in trouble with the law more than once. In fact, she shouldn't even be communicating with the guy! She's only giving him the attention he obviously so desperately wants. And with a history like theirs, she would be much better off cutting all ties -- for good.

Do you hope these two stay away from one another?


Image via MTV

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