Nina Dobrev Spills How She Really Feels About One-Night Stands

nina dobrev cover of cosmoNina Dobrev hasn't exactly had the easiest year so far, at least in matters of love. (We're still wondering just how she seemingly got over her breakup with Ian Somerhalder so quickly!) Still, she has plenty to be proud and happy about. Her star seems to be rising in a big way, and she's also confident about finding Mr. Right at some point -- especially considering that she's already figured out what qualities he's gotta have.

Nina told Cosmo, "You either have chemistry or you don't, but a lot of what attracts me is a guy's mind and humor and talent. I need to get to know all those things before I fall for someone. I'm not a one-night-stand kind of girl. I'm a relationship girl." Aw, good for her! Although, let's be real: What woman would openly say she's a "one-night-stand kind of girl"? Haa ... I'd guess not many! But no, really, from Nina, I believe it. She really seems to have her head on straight when it comes to finding the right serious relationship.


All too often, people say they want a serious relationship but continue to carry a torch for (or keep hooking up with!) an old flame who's never going to commit. Or have a friend with benefits. Or keep falling for and prey to the same hot but empty or emotionally detached guy. These are all totally easy traps to fall into! But hooking up with or being hung up on losers only serves to set yourself even further back from finding a winner.  

So, good for Nina to know what she wants -- and realize that's not going to happen in the form of a hookup. What's more, it sounds like she knows HERSELF, which is undoubtedly key to forging a lasting bond.

She underlined her interest in maintaining her independence, noting:

People aren't defined by their relationships. The whole point is being true to yourself and not losing yourself in relationships, whether romances or friendships.

Cheers to that, Nina. Sounds like she's well on her way to finding that happy, healthy relationship she deserves!

What do you think about Nina declaring herself a "relationship girl"? Do you think hookups get in the way of finding the right person?


Image via Cosmo

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