Kim Kardashian Is Crazy to Want North to 'Model' Her New Baby Clothing Line

Kim Kardashian baby clothing lineWell, it's official. Not even childbirth can stop Kim Kardashian's brain from making those cash register noises. It's been less than two months since she's become a mother and she's already thinking about her next business move -- which involves babies now, naturally.

Despite the fact that Kim's been ridiculed for her fashion sense lately, she apparently still thinks she has what it takes to design clothes. So she's decided to create a baby clothing line. Because, yes! That's what the world needs! Ridiculously overpriced crop-top onesies. With fringe!

And the worst part? Kim's designer friend who she is reportedly teaming up with says Baby North West will be a "great poster child" for the line.

Excuse me, WHAT?


Am I the only one who finds this absolutely ridiculous? This child is WEEKS old. She can't talk, walk, and she certainly can't model. (Unless modeling requires nothing more than, you know, lying there.) She has no idea that she was born into this mega-famous, attention-hungry family. In a sense, it's really unfair to do to the child. But I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Even Kris Jenner has used the baby for publicity for her show already, so why should Kim with this clothing line idea be any different?

I'm sure Kim's baby line would make a ton of money, and I'm sure having North as the "model" would fuel the success even more. But Kim really needs to reflect on what's truly important in life now more than ever: family or money and fame.

Let's hope she makes the right choice.

Do you really think Kim would make her baby become a model?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Twitter

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