Prince William's Paternity Leave Was Too Short to Really Bond With Son George

royal couple with babyCan you believe it's already been two weeks since the royal baby, Prince George, was born? Time has just flown by, especially for his poor dad. Prince William's paternity leave is already over. Will is officially back on duty as a search and rescue pilot for the Royal Air Force in Anglesey, Wales as of today, but his next assignment isn't until Wednesday so he'll probably not leave until Tuesday night. Still... only two weeks? That's so short!

I guess not even a prince can get away with extending his paternity leave. That's too bad. I think two weeks is too short for any new dad, whatever your job is. But I also know that dads rarely take more time off than that. In fact, you're lucky if you even get those two weeks at all.


Maybe Prince William doesn't want to appear like he's getting special privileges not granted to anyone else in the Royal Air Force just because he's the prince. I can understand that... I guess. But then, he's probably getting some other, less public privileges. And wouldn't this be a good time for him to advocate for longer paternity leave?

Oh well, it's just for the rest of the summer. Prince William plans to change his assignment once his tour is over so he can spend more time with the family, and that's a choice most military families can't make. Plus Kate is staying with her parents in Bucklebury, so she's not exactly being left on her own.

But I'm sure she'll be thrilled once William is back for good. Babies are funny -- in some ways, they don't do a whole lot at this stage, so it's easy to say William won't miss out on much. But then, babies grow and change so quickly, so he'll come back to a different child even after just a few weeks. Good thing he had the time that he did with Kate and George.

How long do you think new dads should get for paternity leave?


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