Budget Gifts: Holiday Bucket of Fun!

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Photo by: Cafe Michelle L

Gifts don't have to cost a fortune! My friends and family love my Holiday Gift Buckets.  These buckets of holiday fun cost around $15 and the people on my list are always pleased.


Step One: Get a bucket, bag or container for your holiday care package. I use a 4 Qt. plain galvanized bucket from the hardware or craft store, for less than five bucks. I like to give buckets so people can use them for storage after the holiday.

Step Two: Add in PEOPLE magazine or US Weekly magazine. Guilty pleasure!

Paperback books

Photo by: Cafe Michelle L

Step Three: Paperback books are a must for your gift bucket.  For this example, I have a couple of paperbacks that I am putting in a gift bucket for my sister's birthday.

Step Four: Add in candy and a favorite soda pop. My maiden name was Jones, so I love to give my family Jones Soda. I like to use candy that reminds the person of being a kid, so I use candy that most adults don't eat very often. I use Milk Duds for my holiday buckets because my family loves them.  "Retro" candy is harder to find but here are some candies I've used in my gift buckets:

Especially in these tough economic times, people are less likely to buy themselves candy or magazines!  The cost of a bucket depends on what you put in it, but here are some rough costs:

4 Qt. Galvanized Metal Bucket-$3.50

Juicy Magazine-$4.99

Paperback book-$7.99 new or $3.50 used. Gently used books can be purchased at Amazon.com or a number of local stores! Some of the used books look brand new!

Candy-A package of Bottlecaps is 40 cents. I usually put three bags in a gift bucket. Total of $1.20.

Pop-A can or bottle of pop shouldn't run more than $1.00.

A bucket filled with the contents above costs $18.68 if you include a new paperback book. If you have a used paperback, it's $14.19!  The magazine is pretty expensive and the book can be pricey if you buy it new. The metal bucket isn't a must for this gift! Plastic buckets or a bad are just as good.

I'd love to hear about your ideas for fun gifts that don't cost a fortune!

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