Ian Somerhalder Seems Bitter About Christian Grey: Could the Rumors Be True? (VIDEO)

ian somerhalderIt's a sad day, friends. Or, at least, I think it's a sad day. There's a rumor going around, saying that not only will Ian Somerhalder not be playing Christian Grey, but that he's salty about it and snapped at paparazzi when asked about what happened. I'm sort of inclined to not believe this type of poppycock, as every day someone new is thrown into the ol' Fifty Shades of Grey casting pool. But Ian's answer to the paparazzi is a little odd. And there's video proof.

Maybe there's some truth to this, guys? Hold me, I'm scared.

Check out "bitter" Ian:


Clearly, he's joking with his "Jim Carrey" comment, but Ian does seem less than thrilled when Fifty Shades is brought up. Sure, it could be the fact that there are 73 photographers in his face, snapping away and asking obnoxious questions when he's just trying to get the hell out of the airport, but "I don't know, man, you tell me" could be misconstrued as being perturbed at the question.

Then again, maybe Ian's just being cagey, as any good Christian contender would do? Maybe he's simply playing it close to the vest? Maybe, just maybe, he was already cast in the role and has been sworn to secrecy?

I like that better. So let's just go with that, kthnxbai.

Do you think Ian has been cast as Christian already?


Image via X17 Online

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