Elle Macpherson Marries Billionaire Fiance in Dream Wedding After Tragedy Brought Them Back Together

They say the course of true love never did run smooth, so in that case, it must be true love for Elle Macpherson and her new billionaire husband, Jeffrey Soffel. The two were reportedly married in Fiji over the weekend.

Remember that idiotic Newsweek article (since debunked) that came out decades ago about a woman having as much of a chance of finding a husband after 40 as getting killed by a terrorist! Well, 49-year-old Elle, who looks as gorgeous as she did during her modeling heyday, would say "Pishaw!" to that. Girlfriend bagged herself a billionaire! Not that she needs the cash. MacPherson has not only been one of the richest models for decades, but she has a successful lingerie line. But that's not what makes this romance so interesting. It's that last year, the two weren't even a pair anymore. They had split up in March 2012 and reportedly Elle was devastated. Then fate intervened ...


Elle already had had her share of bad luck with men. She was with wealthy tycoon Arpad Busson for 10 years and had two children with him, but they never married, and soon after their bust-up, he was engaged to Uma Thurman, with whom he had a daughter -- who has one very long name: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson.

But then Elle began dating Jeffrey, a wealthy hotel magnate. Reportedly, he dumped her and began dating a 25-year-old model, leaving Elle devastated even though rumor has it the pair were "on and off."

Elle went on to concentrate on her career, becoming a host and producer on NBC's Fashion Star.

Have you ever had your heart broken by a guy and kind of hoped something bad -- but not too bad -- would happen to him so maybe he'd realize what he'd lost and come back to you?

Well, that happened to Elle. Only it was pretty bad. Jeff got into a helicopter crash while in the Bahamas. His friend was killed. He was alive, but had severe injuries, including a fractured spine.

This immediately brought the two back in contact. A friend said at the time:

Jeff is very shaken up and mourning the loss of his friend. Elle is landing in Miami imminently to visit him and offer her support at a very tough time.

Reportedly, she went on to nurse him back to health. A few months later, they were engaged. And this time, there would be no long-drawn out engagement for Elle like there was with Arpad.

Elle and Jeff were married secretly in Fiji last month. A friend told People magazine's sister Australian publication:

This is such a joyful time for Elle and Jeff. They are both thrilled.

Wow, what a dramatic courtship, eh? Sometimes it really does take a near-death experience to make you wake up to what is important in life. And it can take almost losing someone you love to forgive and forget.

It looks like Elle and Jeff learned some valuable lessons from that frightening crash. And got their happily ever after.

Have you ever gotten back together with someone after an accident or tragedy?

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