Lindsay Lohan Makes Powerful Decision That Can Change Her Life

It looks like Lindsay Lohan may have finally gotten her act together. Or at least -- is ready to take the steps she needs in order to straighten out her life. It has been some roller-coaster of a ride. But coming off the announcement that she will have her own reality show, has completed rehab, and has filmed a guest stint on Chelsea Handler's late night talk show, Chelsea Lately (airing Monday) -- Lohan is really making us believe she is ready. But it is really her latest move that can possibly change her life ... 


Lindsay has made it known that wants to clear all alcohol from whatever space she is going to occupy. And that's not an easy task. Because alcohol is everywhere. But she's reportedly asked her mother, Dina, to remove alcohol from her home when she visits and plans to ask hotels and green rooms to do the same. In fact, this week she asked the Beverly Hills Hotel to take all alcohol out of her room prior to her arrival. So she is taking the right steps ... the question is will she be able to keep it up. Hopefully the fact she is traveling with a sober coach for the next week will help.

And clearly she doesn't need the drugs or alcohol to help her perform. Check out the sneak peak of her performance filling in for Chelsea by clicking on the link below. She is great!

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Do you think Lindsay is on the road to recovery for real this time?

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