Denise Richards Sues People Who Left Her & 5 Kids Without Air Conditioning

Denise Richards has been taking care of her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's two kids with his other ex-wife, plus she has her own three kids, so this is a woman who needs her air conditioning! She's suing the contractors she claimed messed up the electrical system, leaving her without precious AC. Hello, people, it's summer! She is also suing them for renovations that went over budget by about $1.5 million. She's saying she's got sewer gases in her attic now too. That sounds pretty gross! Denise is a busy momma. Ain't nobody got time for sewer gases.


Denise is also claiming that parts of her home now reach 90 degrees. That's a good name for a band, but you really don't want that in your house. Especially with five kids.

But it doesn't stop there. Denise also claims the contractors destroyed her roof and demolished parts of her house. Sheesh, where'd these contractors come from? RepairzRUs?

I hired contractors to gut renovate an apartment and I'd heard so many horror stories about botched renovations that I was incredibly nervous about it. They did end up making a mistake -- they built the kitchen shelves too close to where the fridge was going to go so that it no longer fit where it was supposed to. But when I complained, they quickly fixed it. Guess I got lucky.

Consumer protection agencies say that contractor rip-offs are often their highest complaints. Some ways of protecting yourself include making sure the contractor has at least five years experience; the contractor should have workers' comp and general liability insurance; and they should have a photobook of work they've done. Of course, it never hurts to ask to call people they've worked with or get recommendations from people who have been happy with their renovations.

With five kids, Denise needs to be cooled off, pronto. I hope someone gives her some freebies.

Have you ever had a shady contractor?


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