Actress Raven-Symonè Comes Out of the Closet, Publicly & Perfectly

Raven symoneRemember last year when we got all gossipy and curious about the rumors saying former Cosby Show cutie and That's So Raven star Raven-Symonè is gay? Oh yeah, I do. Totally guilty. I was interested. Not for any ill-willed reason, obviously, but just because I wanted to know, you know? Just like I want to know who's dating whom in my real life and amid all the Hollywood who's who. Anyway, our curiosity can calm the eff down now because Ms. Symonè has pretty much come out to the world!

Okay, now we can gossip about talk about HOW Raven let us all in on the big "secret."


Stars and celebrities have come out in a variety of ways -- Ellen DeGeneres came out on her sitcom, Anderson Cooper came out to the Daily Beast, and NBA player Jason Collins came out in Sports Illustrated. But other celebs choose to just live their lives, just being who they are and letting our nosy minds do the rest, like (allegedly) with Queen Latifah. And then there's the way Jodie Foster dealt with the whole "coming out" or not coming out statement or whatever the hell that was! LOL.

So here's Raven-Symonè's "coming out" tweet:raven symone coming out tweetAwww, I think it's pretty perfect. I mean it gets the point across and it's on her terms. She chose not to "come out" publicly amid all the National Enquirer rumor mill hoopla and instead shares her thoughts today (presumably) about the recent wins for marriage equality, which are changing so many lives in the gay and lesbian communities.

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We're proud that you're proud, and we celebrate with you, Raven. No one has to tell the world who they love, but it is nice to celebrate such a personal win along with you. 

Now ... who's the lucky lady??!!

What do you think of how Raven-Symonè chose to come out today?


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